Serious game and promoting el Jem's heritage



Heritage, cultural heritage, valuation,


The meteoric rise and expansion of digital technologies in our lives has brought about a number of changes in the way we approach our heritage. We are now witnessing a renewal of cultural practices, creative exchanges, education and the sharing of knowledge. This determination considerably broadens access to culture and heritage. However, this vestibule of digital technologies is leading to many changes in our relationship with heritage, which was previously limited to precarious visits and images extracted from the net. These new technologies offer effective solutions for storing and consulting collections. They also promote the consistency of information. However, the quantity and heterogeneity of the documents to be processed (nature of the medium, format, type of content, writing, state of preservation, etc.) require the deployment of new tools and advantageous, high-performance methods for processing existing collections. While it is important to conserve Tunisia's heritage, it would be even better to enhance it. This enhancement involves improving information and assessment systems, including better information for the public and scripting. To safeguard and enhance this precious heritage, we need to facilitate the communication of information and promote the site in an interactive way. To achieve this, we will be using the "Serious-game" concept as a technological means of improving access to Tunisia's cultural heritage, and more specifically to the El Jem amphitheatre, using new information and communication technologies. This concept will aim to intensify and enrich the user's experience of both tangible and intangible heritage. By using "Serious-game", the user will be able to be informed through a playful experience while at the same time having an educational objective. In this case, we are talking about "Serious-play", i.e. an application with a cultural objective in which the design invests the resources of the game: interaction, interjection, appropriation and discovery of a cultural meta-universe. To take advantage of this concept in the protection and enhancement of the El Jem amphitheatre, progress in the game is made through quests, puzzles and information gathering to discover the events and the institutional and cultural issues relating to the enhancement of the country. The aim of this project is therefore to demonstrate how a 'Serious-game' can transmit a cultural heritage, namely the amphitheatre of El Jem, and also how this concept could add value to a neglected and endangered heritage. The project has three main aims: promotion, education and innovation. This work will strengthen the identity of Tunisia's cultural heritage, enhance its image as a tourist destination and promote an innovative amphitheatre at El Jem