Terms of publication

Terms of publication:


The Social Science Journal is a peer-reviewed international scientific journal that publishes studies and research in the field of social sciences in Arabic, English and French, provided that the authors adhere to the following rules:

-The material submitted for publication must be original and has not been submitted for publication elsewhere, and the researcher must submit a declaration to that effect.

-submitted research The for publication is their own work and not part of a published book.

-The research submitted to the journal must not be submitted for publication in any other entity.

-The list of authors should include all those who can legitimately claim authorship.

-The article should be up to 20 pages, including a list of references, tables, figures and photos.

-The author must follow the accepted scientific principles in preparing and writing research papers, especially with regard to proving sources of information, documenting quotations, and respecting scientific honesty in citing references and sources.

-The commitment to be aware of the journal's publication ethics and editorial policies and to bear responsibility for adhering to them.

- The commitment to disclose if the research is funded by an academic, research, or other entities.

-The first sheet includes the full title of the article in Arabic and a translation of the title of the article in English, as well as the researcher's name, scientific rank, affiliated institution, phone, fax and email, and two abstracts, up to 200 words for the two abstracts combined (no more than 10 lines in 12 Simplified Arabic and 12 Times New Roman for the English abstract), one in the language of the article and the other in English.

-The full article, including the title, abstract, and text of the article, but not the names of the authors, should be sent in a separate file

-The Arabic scientific article should be written in 12-point Simplified Arabic font with 1.00 line spacing, for headings it is in Bold, and the article title is size 14 point.

-Page margins Top 2, Bottom 2, Right 2, Left 3, Header 1.5, Footer 1.25 customized paper size (16 X 23.5).

-The essay should be free of spelling, grammar, language and typographical errors.

-For field studies, the known methodology should be respected, such as the review of the issue, the methodological procedures of the study, the method, sample, study tools, statistical methods, and the presentation and discussion of the results.

-The journal adopts the American Psychological Association (APA) documentation system. References are cited in the body of the manuscript by stating the full name of the author and then the year of publication and page in parentheses, or the full name of the author and the year in parentheses.

-The list of references is indicated at the end of the paper and alphabetized according to the American Psychological Association (APA) system

-Articles published in the journal express only the opinion of the authors.

-The researcher submits the formatted paper according to the terms of publication.

- The journal does not allow the use of suggested (recommended) reviewerss by the author at any stage of the submission process, whether through the online submission system or other means of communication.

-Submitted manuscripts are subjected to a program to avoid scientific plagiarism, with the need to respect the plagiarism rate in accordance with the conditions of publication.

- For authors submitting the manuscript, all parties who made a substantial contribution to the article should be listed as authors. Primary authorship, authorship ranking, and other publication credits should be based on the relative scientific or professional contributions of the individuals involved, regardless of their status. A student is typically listed as lead author on any multi-author publication that is substantially derived from the student's thesis or dissertation.

-Prior to publication, the Social Science Journal requires the author as the rights holder to sign the Contributor's Publishing Agreement whereby the journal is granted the sole and exclusive right and license to publish for the duration of the legal term of the copyright whereby it passes to the journal.

Publishing is free without any fees