About the Journal

Journal of social sciences

ISSN 2568-6739

Social Science Journal is an international peer-reviewed journal issued by the Arab Democratic Center Berlin-Germany that publishes research in the field of social sciences in Arabic, English, and French.

It aims to promote cooperation in all fields of social sciences

 It is published periodically every three months and has an editorial board and an international scientific body that supervises it, as it oversees the refereeing process for incoming articles.

The journal adopts double-blind refereeing

The journal relies on the Code of Ethics for Scientific Research and Scientific Publishing, and regulations governing the refereeing process, and the process of selecting quality research that provides scientific addition to knowledge.

It is important that the author adheres to the ethics of scientific publishing and avoids any scientific plagiarism. In the event that scientific plagiarism is discovered, the journal takes the necessary measures by conducting the customary procedures where any party affected or discovering any plagiarism can write to the journal directly to verify it.

The Journal of Social Science publishes high-quality research and committed scholarly manuscripts on a global scale, and we are devoted to diversity and inclusiveness in publishing, we encourage submissions from a variety of authors from all countries and backgrounds.

We invite submissions related to the fields of Social Sciences, Sociology, Psychology, Education, Social Sciences, Social Philosophy, Society and Economics, History and Society, Social Policy, and Social Crisis.

The journal adopts an open access policy where its contents are accessible to readers and researchers through instant downloads.

The journal works to prevent any conflict of interest, so the author must abide by the conditions of publication by avoiding sending his article to any journal until it is decided by the journal's boards. In addition, he must abide by the ethics of scientific research and scientific publication while not violating any conflict between him and the institutions sponsoring his study when publishing, given that he must inform the journal when submitting his article for publication.

The journal seeks to distribute its contents to a large number of international academic libraries and various databases in order to preserve the journal's articles and issues and protect them from being lost or damaged. The journal also supports authors whose articles have been published to archive their work in various digital repositories.

The journal relies on plagiarism detection, whereby any article is rejected according to the journal's publication conditions in order to avoid scientific plagiarism and exaggerated plagiarism in accordance with the principles of international journals.

Authors should be familiarized with the article submission process and publication conditions before submitting their article and must adhere to the guidelines, and can contact the journal to request any clarifications regarding publication procedures.

Under no circumstances can the author propose referees, as the editorial board has the sole authority to appoint the referees pursuant to complete confidentiality to which all parties to the process (editor-in-chief, editorial assistants, and referees) adhere, where the process takes full confidentiality, and in the event that any deviation is detected, the journal takes decisive decisions towards it.

The editorial team, the scientific board, the referees, and the publisher are responsible for maintaining confidentiality and avoiding conflicts with any party while adhering to objectivity, neutrality, and accuracy in any task assigned to them from the beginning of the article submission until its final publication.

The author is responsible for the formatting of the article, where he/she complies with the full recommended conditions. The journal has the right to reject any article that does not meet the conditions and does not respect the publication policy. Hence, the author is informed of this in order to guarantee his/her right to use his/her article and publish it in any entity he/she deems appropriate.

Copyright remains with the Arab Democratic Center Berlin-Germany.