The role of Moroccan values in managing children's and youth issues



Moroccan values, childhood, youth, empowerment, solidarity


This paper aims to provide a sociological understanding of Moroccan values, as the substance of the spirit of our societal development, which development needs in building an alternative societal project. It is also a cognitive attempt to understand the elements on which a Moroccan societal project is built. Before establishing these discussions with the general hypothesis, there must be a kind of methodological limitation of knowledge with which we interpret our scientific knowledge. Therefore, the structural approach is a systematic approach to reveal the impact and impact of Moroccan values as a creative material for working on childhood and youth, and new approaches to generating development rooted in the social reality of Moroccans. According to what is revealed from the truth of the research in this scientific paper, a scientific bibliography is gathered from within our Moroccan spirit, which requires a kind of sociological and anthropological interpretation, to establish the relationships of the permanent cognitive project with soil and values as societal elements that carry the meaning that our Moroccan development lacks