Hate speech and the imperative of Media Education - A field study on a sample of students from the Moroccan Mohammed I University



Hate speech, media education, media, society


The media is full of images and videos that are shameful and harmful to different groups of society, which are part of what is known as hate speech. This discourse is not limited to the general public, but also extends to educated or educated groups. This situation raises the issue of researching the reality of hate speech in the Moroccan university, its causes and repercussions, and the importance of integrating media education. The study aims to investigate the reality of hate speech in society, its causes, the extent of the media's influence on it, and the importance of media education in limiting the danger of this speech to societal security. The study adopts a descriptive and analytical approach appropriate to the nature of the topic, based on a field approach that included a sample of Mohammed I University students. The study recommends activating the legal approach to deter any racist and discriminatory behaviour based on hate speech, in addition to adopting an educational approach based on integrating media education into the educational curriculum, and calling for flooding social media networks with positive content to confront this shameful behaviour