Common mistakes in sociological research: identification and Correction



scientific research, Social Research, common mistakes, methodological mistakes, Social research methods


In fact, the learner captures ideas comprehensively, in science it's wrong as they are right, so teaching mistakes in the Social Sciences turns mistakes into problems that are dealt with in the sky of knowledge until they become an inherited habit that affects the quality of science, this research is concerned with the problems of Social Research to reduce the dispersion of Science and enhance its role at the applied level; therefore, it aims to identify common mistakes in Social Research and address those mistakes with a Orthodontic touch, The researcher relied on the library approach by reviewing a large number of sociology research products and benefiting from the discussion circles of higher education institutions to diagnose and evaluate these errors and present them as a treatment for social research. Therefore, the research reached several conclusions, the most important of which are: There are major and serious errors in all steps of social research (Employing theory, method, sample and data collection tools) Committing it makes the research weak and unscientific and many researchers lack knowledge of what ideas, data and steps Which should be included in every methodological axis of social research, especially writing (Summary, introduction, problem, importance, and previous studies etc..)On this basis, the research has come up with many treatments within each step of social research, identifying and organizing the data that should be included in each step and easy conditions that help the researcher determine the type of research and differentiate it from the curriculum, as well as determining the appropriate sample to collect data on the topic