Bouncing beyond the limits of horror: the semiotic transgression of the diegetic scenario in "DACHRA" by Abdelhamid Bouchnek



Transgression of the limits of horror, Cinematic discourse, black magic, witchcraft, Dachra by Abdelhamid Bouchnek


The horrific universe has been shaped in literature and cinema since the twentieth century. However, it has been theorised and delimited by well-defined laws. The various multidisciplinary creations attempt, each time, to transgress the theories of the literary and cinematographic genre, giving rise to innovative ramifications of upsetting sensations. Our study thus aims to identify the limits and conceptualisation of the horror genre in prolific cinema. Furthermore, our problematic revolves around the limits and boundary transgressions of horrific territory, assuming that horrific semiotic expressivity could unveil the extradiegetic unspoken transgressing genre and filmic scenario in Abdelhamid Bouchnek's 'Dachra'