Promoting the principles of human rights and democracy and their role in achieving sustainable development



development plans, principles of democracy, sustainable environment, planning indicators


The issue of human rights and basic freedoms has gained great importance in modern times, and these rights and freedoms have begun to expand with the development of societies and their cultural progress. Right”s and freedoms are no”t characterized by stability and stagnation, but rather change according to the development”t of human” life and the development of societies themselves. The “concept of human rights is a standard for the “advancement” and progress of countries. The more the governments of those countries respect human rights, the more acceptable and influential their voice becomes on the world level . It was shown” that the needs” of the internal and international community are compatible and the exercise of economic”, political” and administrative authority” to manage life” affairs at all levels includes the mechanism”s, practices and institutions through”h which citizens” can express their interests to exercise”e their rights and the extent of their true representation of the people, which is linked to economic development, eliminating corruption and directing all goals to reforming society It became clear that the pillars of the system of values and rights have an impact on consensus in seeking to implement this right, which reflects positively on the possibility of achieving development goals. These pillars, both in development plans and programmes, are an important link in human life and society as part of the system” of rights an”d freedom”s and” the preparation of all aspects related to them, so work must be done to develop various fields It has become” clear that the success” or failure” of the sustainable development process depends on the presence of an appropriate climate to stimulate growth and development and encourage innovation, and this takes place within the framework of establishing democracy” and human” rights, at the foref”ront of which is sustainable development’s responsibility to advance human potential that advances the developmental process and achieves well-being for society