The role of school mediation in preventing delinquency and crime



Perverted behavior, criminal behavior, mediator, mediation, school mediation, school space, school roles


The school has multiple jobs and its role as a social, educational and educational institution that works to nature the individual and give him different patterns of behavior –the refore the school is not only a place to receive the principles of reading and writing, but it helps to qualify the individual morally and behaviorally to be a good individual in the society, and to protect him/her from falling in the circle of delinquency and crime. So the main objective came to identify the school factors related to the formation of delinquent and criminal behavior, as well as to know their causes and the factors that had to them and also determines the most important school roles that can be contributed to reduce them, as this study tries to educate the instruction institutions and the dangers of deviant behavior criminal in schools, also tries to offer some advices and recommendations about how to deal with these behaviors within the school environement, the following article is part of the school mediation proposal as a strategy to reduce school bulling, relying on the legislative texts of organisations the school life community. We can considered mediation of the best scientific paradigs, because of its wide dimension that can touching many fields as well as the sociologie, pedagogic and educative. The concept mediation can be original but also new by its differents meaning, we try to explore it and analysis such results realized, so not as a concept but as a new field full of meaning, in any way, it’s time to considerend this field as one of the best tools that can be used by the academics to go more and more in the exploration of the future knowledge’s complication way of young life’s