Explanatory models of health and disease according to the socio-anthropological



sociological anthropology, illness, health, treatment


Health and illness within the established discurrsive circulation have often remained hostage to presentaton and treatment within the space of official medicine both in science and practice,where has this therapeutic msedical style, which is a globally unified approach,destroyed the legitimacy of discourse when presenting various health problems ?However,the issues and problems it raises,whether related to understanding the disease or safety standards whether or not what is related to treatment methods, not to mention the patient’s world and the aspects of sufferinge it raises as an anthropological experience related to the patient’s subjectivity,in addition to the doctor-patient relatonshig and the aspects of reading it carries of a sociocultrual nature through the extension of therapeutic medical practice,all of these exceptions are essentially related to the nature of the health and disease phenomenon,including the emergence of the socio-anthropological approach and explanatory models of a social and cultural nature with the aim of covering the various dimensions of the health phenomenon and its syndromes of disease and treatment