School mediation in light of the current changes in educational systems towards exploring the sociology of school mediation in Morocco



Mediation , Problem Solving , massification of education , School Mediation , Academic Achievement


This study includes an analysis of the problem of the process of producing school mediation in the education systems of developing countries in light of the transformations taking place in them, and in Morocco in particular, and is based on the documentary approach to monitoring the phenomenon. The results of the study showed that mediation in its various types is an intervention methodology carried out by a mediator to solve problems, and it has become an approach And cultural as a result of what societies have become acquainted with, the intertwining of communications, the escalation of uncertainty, and the exacerbation of social fragility. The education system, in turn, was a field for the manifestation of these variables, and the school population contributed to the emergence of educational imbalances, which led to an increasing need for school mediation, which actually contributed to solving many educational and social problems in school, such as cheating, school dropouts, forms of conflict and violence, and relational and social deterioration, which will create An educational environment conducive to academic achievement and succes