Gap of the General Education in Sudan between the students' numbers of primary level and secondary level (2000-2016)



gap of the general education, the primary and secondary level in Sudan


The study aimed to explore the effect of macro-economic on gap of the general education in Sudan during the period (2000- 2016). The study also has a precious objective to collect a brief documentation about the history of education in Sudan. The problem of this study that, there is a big gap between the students' number of primary level and secondary, huge numbers of primary level didn't enroll in the secondary level; the shortage percentage about 80% and more than this during the study period. So the main hypothesis concentrated on existing of significant and statistical relation between gap of the general education and the macro-economic variables. To examine the hypothesis; the study used the quantitative analysis through the econometric methods. The main finding is to accept the hypothesis, which included the statistical and significant relation between rate of inflation, rate of economic growth and gap of the general education. The important recommendation is that, the government should allocate more amount of public expenditure for the general education to reform it quantitatively and qualitatively